[uClinux-dev] Patch to add support for SWARM to uClinux-2.4.4

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Sun Nov 18 21:11:59 EST 2001

Hi Hanish,

I have been looking over your patches to get them into the CVS.
I have integrated them with the current uClinux 2.4.10.

I almost have it going, only a little problem with timer
interrupts not quite going.

The UART I/O will need a little work though. It needs to be
a driver (could be mostly stubbed). I can't CVS the printk/lib
method "as is".


Hanish Menon C wrote:
> Recently has part of my curiosity to check out the amount of effort
> required to add support for a new target for uClinux-arm and also to try
> and understand a bit of uClinux, I took up this task of porting uClinux to
> SWARM , a Software Arm emulator.
> This patch is based on uClinux-2.4.4 diffs available from uClinux site. It
> updates the head-armv.S to work with NON_MMU chips. However currently It
> doesn't contain the CACHE and MCR related patches which I had sent for the
> uClinux cvs version. I don't think its required has the CVS version
> already has those patchs.
> You can check out the site
> http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/~michael/phd/swarm.html
> to get SWARM, which will be required to try this out. However the current
> version 0.57, cann't be used has it has some issues which are already
> updated and sent to the author Michael Dales. He will be releasing a newer
> version of SWARM (with some additional new features) in a day or 2,
> You can use it to check out this port.
> In 2 to 3 days, I will send the patches to work with uClinux CVS version.
> Keep :-)
> HanishKVC
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                                                Name: linux-2.4.4-uClinux-hankvc-25Sep2001-all-till-date.patch
>    linux-2.4.4-uClinux-hankvc-25Sep2001-all-till-date.patch    Type: Plain Text (TEXT/PLAIN)
>                                                            Encoding: quoted-printable

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