[uClinux-dev] /dev directory entry build

John Jeffers jjef at inforamp.net
Fri Nov 16 11:08:15 EST 2001

At 10:56 PM 11/15/2001, you wrote:
>  This is done by adding an entry in
> > romfs_cvs.mk. In our case, we wanted to give this device the name /dev/xyz,
> > so we added an entry in the device list as '/dev/xyz,c,120,0'. We added
> > this just before the entry for ppp and were sure to add the backslash (\)
> > for line continuation."
> >
>Frankly, this has changed :-)
>The devices are now created in the vendors Makefiles.
>So you need to look in ~/vendors/<VENDOR>/<BOARD>/Makefile
>A simple text grep of the tree on a commmon device node
>name would have quickly picked this up, eg:
>    find . -type f | xargs grep ttyp1


Thanks!  I was looking at this late and was semi-convinced the uldp was 
correct and I was wrong.

Of course I could use mknod too!

Thanks John

Cheers John

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