[uClinux-dev] the problem while porting to S3C4510

Jennifer fmchang01 at yahoo.com.tw
Sat Nov 17 09:06:33 EST 2001


I am trying to port the uClinux 2.0.38 to the Samsung s3c4510 board. The output of printk () can be printed on the terminal. Everything seems good until the sti() called at the start_kernel(). After the sti(), it seems that there are interrupts always  to interrupt the system. So, the system always excute the vector_IRQ(). But, in fact, there is no real interrupt happened (I have checked the INTOFFSET register). In fact, I only add the macro "get_irqnr_and_base" and the valid IRQ number checking  for this CPU at the entry-armv.S file.  Do I need to change other point at this entry-armv.S and the sti() and cli() for the CPU?  Or, something I forgot to do? Please give me some hints.

1. I only enable the internal timer0 IRQ.
2. I use the JEENI to directly load the kernel to the RAM (0x400) without the real bootloader.

Best Regards,
Jennifer F. Chang

asmlinkage void start_kernel(void)
#ifdef DEBUG
	printk("*entering kmalloc_init() with memory_start=0x%x\n",memory_start);
	memory_start = kmalloc_init(memory_start,memory_end);
	sti();  <---------------------------------------------------------------------->
#ifdef DEBUG
	printk("*entering calibrate_delay() with memory_start=0x%x\n",memory_start);
#ifdef DEBUG
	printk("*entering inode_init() with memory_start=0x%x\n",memory_start);
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