[uClinux-dev] definition conflicts in userland compilation

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Sat Nov 17 00:06:11 EST 2001

> Khaled Hassounah wrote:
> after a couple of interesting nights, and lots of help from many guys
> here, I managed to get the 2.4 kernel, latest libraries and tools to
> compile. to add to the fun, the userland is giving me hard time.
> I have gcc 2.95.3 with the patch from the 20010716 uClinux tool
> distribution (the latest as far as I know), and am using the latest
> uClibc. There are many conflicts between the headers of those two (the
> compiler and C library), almost none of the userland binaries are
> compiling correctly.

I think that the key here is "userland", where did you get this
"userland" stuff?  Is it the 'userland' module from the
http://cvs.uclinux.org?  If it is, I cannot compile those sources
either!  Those userland sources are notorious for spewing out tons of
header conflicts, it would be merciful if someone deleted those sources
from the cvs as I don't think that anyone uses them.

Grab yourself a copy of Greg's latest distro from:
http://www.uclinux.org/ports/coldfire/uClinux-dist-20011112.tar.gz, I
think that everyone should be using this as a starting point for any new
implementation of uClinux!!!



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