[uClinux-dev] /dev directory entry build

John Jeffers jjef at inforamp.net
Thu Nov 15 22:49:22 EST 2001

According to : http://home.at/uldp/uclinux_doc_5.html#SEC34

Dave says using the Coldfire 20010622 distribution the MAJOR.MINOR numbers 
are built into the /dev directory making /dev/xyz using the following:

"This puts all the code in place, but the application will need to call the 
open() function with a device name. This is done by adding an entry in 
romfs_cvs.mk. In our case, we wanted to give this device the name /dev/xyz, 
so we added an entry in the device list as '/dev/xyz,c,120,0'. We added 
this just before the entry for ppp and were sure to add the backslash (\) 
for line continuation."

I cannot find this anywhere in the distro (I could be blind) and frankly 
need to know the method  for generating a entry into /dev to complete a driver.

Thanks John

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