[uClinux-dev] Adding new board support [& other questions]

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Thu Nov 15 19:27:50 EST 2001

Hi Bruce,

Bruce Paterson wrote:
> The Lineo vendor directory has a whole stack of other config directories
> (eg. httpd, romfs.. ). Are they just put there as somewhere convenient,
> or is it all
> part of some other makefile process ?

Those are setups are specific to Lineo boards, thus put in
the vendors directory. Other vendors could similary have
specific setup for them...

> Are there any leads somewhere of what versions of an application have
> different
> characteristics ? eg. boa Vs httpd Vs httpd-tiny Vs ... sash Vs ash Vs
> bash Vs hash etc.
> snmpd Vs cmu-snmpd and so on.

I don't know of any central repository. At the moment you really
have to do your homework on each one, and see if it fits your
needs. At least you know what you are looking for, a google
search can easily find most of these. At least now you the
names of some packages, much harder looking for them when you
don't know what you are looking for :-)

> There isn't enough info in the make config descriptions to make any sort
> of rational
> decisions when confronted by all this the first time. Obviously there
> are trade offs
> to make dependent on your memory requirements Vs functionality.
> It would certainly help if every module had a footprint size (rom & ram)

This is problematic. Which CPU architecture?  PIC or no PIC code?
Sizes can vary quite considerably...

> and an
> indicator of functionality (maybe peg standard linux distribution
> versions as 100%)
> and what important stuff might be missing. Some of the descriptions are
> better than
> others. Some have none. It would actually be better if one person (who
> didn't develop
> any of the options) were to rate all the options in a class.
> Of course I can suck it and see, but this would take a age, and I'm sure
> others
> have been down this path already.
> (The full distributions suffer from this issue to a degree as well, but
> often the packager
> has made a lot of the decisions already.)
> I started adding MK48T08 real time clock support to the clock module in
> userland (cvs), but
> after seeing the vendor-config also found rtc-ds1302 & rtc-m42t11
> directories that use
> /dev/rtc (?). The mk48t08 is parallel rather than serial, but at the end
> of the day needs all
> the same BCD<->BINARY conversions. I'm confused now !  How should I be
> proceeding ?

There is many variations on interfacing real time clocks.
The BCD<->BINARY conversion is usually pretty trivial.

Both the rtc-ds1302 and rtc-m42t11 rely on a kernel driver
for tge low level support. The rtc-m42t11 uses the ColdFire
MBUS driver, the rts-ds1302 uses its own ds1302 driver.


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