[uClinux-dev] ColdFire 5272 throughput

Peter Lo palo at iowave.com
Thu Nov 15 15:13:19 EST 2001


I have a question about the throughput capabilities of the ColdFire 5272
running with ucLinux.  My company is considering using a ColdFire5272 in the
following application:

LAN <--> [ioWave unit with 5272] <-Wireless (11 Mbps)-> [ioWave unit with
5272] <--> WAN/LAN

The ColdFire would be running an SNMP agent, so it would need to process all
the IP packets for management packets that it needs to respond to.  All
other IP packets would be forwarded to the wireless port or to the ethernet
port depending on which port they were received on.  I'm assuming we'll use
the DMA channel to interface to the wireless hardware to get the full 11
Mbps (in each direction), since the 5272 supports a max of only 8 Mbps over
the TDM channel.  Does anyone have any information on what kind of
throughput capabilities I can expect from the 5272 in this kind of
application?  If the 5272 can't handle it, does anyone have any
recommendations as to a processor that can handle the throughput, and which
already has a port of uclinux?


Peter Lo

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