Atmel support in 2.4 (was : [uClinux-dev] new uClinux distrib ution snapshot)

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Thu Nov 15 15:12:52 EST 2001

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> Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> > 
> > What boards does the ATMEL target in 2.4 supports? I have a 
> EB63 board, but
> > some coments seems to imply it supports the EB01 board. (But as some
> > comments also mention integrator, i'm not sure of anything ;-) )
> > Does it eventually support both EB01 and EB63 ? (I'm not 
> sure exactly what
> > the differences are between those two boards)
> > 
> I'm not sure of anything either, but I have learned how to 
> hack into the
> kernel and get answers for myself, or how to pose specific 
> questions to
> the list so that knowledgable people can answer.  The type of question
> that you pose here borders on what I would consider that of asking for
> "consulting".  Maybe if someone has a spare half-hour they can give you
> a detailed reply expressing the pros / cons of each of the various
> target platforms...  More likely, they are done for the day and would
> rather spend that half hour with friends / family?

wow?... sorry, It seems like I upset you, that was really not my intention.

I was not trying to ask the differences between the two board but just what
the port was supposed to do.
> Part of the art of using a list server is to formulate a question.. 
> What was it exactly you wanted?

> 1. A college level  course on uClinux for the ARM.
> 2. An answer to a specific question.

3. Erwin answer to my question on what he has done, or what he intented to
do with the Atmel port. (And i don't think it took him half an hour)

I think it's better if other people knows what other people are doing/ have
done instead of trying to guess. Else everybody is going to do the same
thing all over again, and learn 
very slowly.

Also, maybe i'm not polite enough because english is not my primary
language, and I eventually apologize for that again...


Fabrice Gautier
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