[uClinux-dev] One step further.....

Claudio Duffini claudio.duffini at sacrocuore.it
Thu Nov 15 06:28:16 EST 2001

Ok, I'm an idiot. Instead of install the elf tools in /usr/bin/local
I did it in my local dir. Now the uClinux 2.4.x kernel (uC-libc) for
uCsimm compiles fine, and I was able to obtain an image.bin

Next I loaded the image to the uCsimm, but an illegal instruction 
is trapped. 

uCbootstrap v1.3 (c) Copyright 1999-2000 Lineo, Inc. All Rights Reserved
FLASH type 2782 [SST39VF160]
DP|001000 DP|002000 DP|003000 DP|004000 DP|005000 DP|006000
DP|007000 DP|008000 DP|009000 DP|00a000 DP|00b000 DP|00c000
DP|00d000 DP|00e000 DP|00f000 DP|010000 D-|011000 D-|012000
D-|013000 D-|014000 D-|015000 D-|016000 D-|017000 D-|018000
D-|019000 D-|01a000 D-|01b000 D-|01c000 D-|01d000 D-|01e000
D-|01f000 D-|020000 D-|021000 D-|022000 D-|023000 D-|024000
D-|025000 D-|026000 D-|027000 D-|028000 D-|029000 D-|02a000
D-|02b000 D-|02c000 D-|02d000 D-|02e000 D-|02f000 D-|030000
D-|031000 D-|032000 D-|033000 D-|034000 D-|035000 D-|036000
B$ go
illegal instruction
PC[6008528a] SSP[0010226a] USP[0076d548]     BootstrapSP[0001fffe]

    D0       D1       D2       D3       D4       D5       D6       D7
00000004 0000000d 00000001 ffffff81 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001
    A0       A1       A2       A3       A4       A5       A6
00600400 00001df2 000041a8 000041a0 007fff30 007fffb0 007fffb0

Ahem .... someone could put me in the right direction, please ? 

Claudio Duffini |IW3HE| Systems Integrator
Studio 3/98 Snc (C.E.D. Ospedale 'Sacro Cuore' - ONETF Group)

WinErr: 001 Windows loaded - System in danger.
WinErr: 002 Erroneous error - Nothing is wrong.
WinErr: 003 Multitasking attempted - System confused.
WinErr: 004 Broken window - Watch out for glass fragments.
WinErr: 005 Window closed - Do not look outside.
WinErr: 006 Window open - Do not look inside.
WinErr: 007 Reserved for future mistakes by our developers.
WinErr: 008 Err recording errcodes - Additional errors will be lost.
WinErr: 009 Memory Error - What? Tell me again.

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