[uClinux-dev] drivers for uclinux

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Thu Nov 15 04:14:32 EST 2001

> Chitra Krishnamurthy schrieb:
> Hai,
> I have got a device driver for Linux 2.2.x for a PCMCIA device
> Is that compatible for uclinux?.
> Will I have to make any changes in the existing driver source code for
> working with uclinux?
> I would be pleased to recieve any inputs on this regards,

You didn't mention about which drivers you are talking, but chances are
good that you can use them without any changes. You will need to
your own driver for socket services that fits to your hardware, however.
For a "thin" host controller with fixed mappings, that isn't too 


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