Atmel support in 2.4 (was : [uClinux-dev] new uClinux distribution snapshot)

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Thu Nov 15 03:02:11 EST 2001

Fabrice Gautier schrieb:
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> > Subject: [uClinux-dev] new uClinux distribution snapshot
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> > I have just uploaded a new uClinux distribution snapshot at:
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> > This is a full source package with targets for a number of popular
> > dev boards. Support is included for most ColdFire boards and some
> > m68k and ARM boards.
> What boards does the ATMEL target in 2.4 supports? I have a EB63 board, but
> some coments seems to imply it supports the EB01 board. (But as some
> comments also mention integrator, i'm not sure of anything ;-) )
> Does it eventually support both EB01 and EB63 ? (I'm not sure exactly what
> the differences are between those two boards)
> Erwin?
> Thanks
The EB01 and the EB40 should be supported, as well as all boards with
AT91M40xxx CPU.
If you look into include/asm-armnommu/arch-atmel/hardware.h, there are
#defines for
CONFIG_CPU_AT91_X40 and CONFIG_CPU_AT91_X63. The latter one can be used
for the EB63,
but I think it has not yet been tested. A few other changes would be
needed, to recognize
the CPU id. Some of the comments may be wrong because the files have
been copied from
other architectures.


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