[uClinux-dev] task queues

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Thu Nov 15 00:12:16 EST 2001

John Jeffers wrote:
> Hi
> Just as a cute thought has anyone put a uClinux emulator in a "linux
> process" kind of like wine or the pilot emulators.  At that a pilot
> emulator might be just the starting place since one could probably
> instrument up an simulator easily. David M could probably go straight to
> the Coldfire stuff.  A 5272 should be entertaining to rig up leave pin
> API's and change the Ethernet Driver to be pipelined to the hosts.  Hmmm.

Carefull!  You may be treading on my "patent pending" idea for
implementing the simulation of an old National Semiconductor 8070
processor using a P-Code interpreter to emulate the operation of the
8070 CPU!  I may have to sue you if you persist on this line of
thought!  :-D


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