[uClinux-dev] task queues

John Jeffers jjef at inforamp.net
Wed Nov 14 21:21:57 EST 2001


Task queues are normally used to do back end driver processing in the Kernel.

I seem to have one that runs on a RH6.2 machine and locks up on a uClinux 
2.0.38 68EZ328 machine.  One thing I have learned is to ask when I see such 
things is uC supposed to work in this regard. (This method is straight out 
of  Rubini)

Yes would be a good answer if No what should one do instead?

Just as a cute thought has anyone put a uClinux emulator in a "linux 
process" kind of like wine or the pilot emulators.  At that a pilot 
emulator might be just the starting place since one could probably 
instrument up an simulator easily. David M could probably go straight to 
the Coldfire stuff.  A 5272 should be entertaining to rig up leave pin 
API's and change the Ethernet Driver to be pipelined to the hosts.  Hmmm.

Cheers John

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