[uClinux-dev] Some questions.

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Wed Nov 14 18:58:00 EST 2001

Hi Kendrick,

"Kendrick G. Hamilton" wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Alex Golunov wrote:
> > May be somebody any knows problems with installing and using the uCLinux on
>  Motorola 68360? I'm asking this, because I need to use this system in near
>  future. So I wont to know much.
> A few of us have been using uClinux on a 68360. You can download a copy of
> uClinux off of M.Leslie's 68360 port page or you can get the version out
> of CVS. The version on M. Leslie's page has a couple of glitches but has
> support for 68EN360 ethernet. The copy in CVS includes the 68EN360
> ethernet driver but it is not working. There are a few changes needed to
> get it working. It has a few of the glitches fixed.
> Both use SMC 2 as the default serial console. You will have to search for
> the defined constant OSCILLATOR in arch/m68knommu/kernel/setup.c. Also, in
> that file, M. Leslie assumed the system clock had the OSCILLATOR divided
> by 128. If it is not, baudrate generator calculations get all messed up.
> The CVS version of setup.c does not make that assumption. All of the UART
> code is flakey. Sometimes, the SMCs hang on startup (they will or they
> won't). The SMC used for the serial console is started and restarted
> without being properly stopped. I have not got the SCCs working. On my
> board, the modem control signals are used as general purpose I/O pins. It
> looks like I will get time to rework most of these issues (except ethernet
> support), it is only a matter of when.

If you patches for the CVS then send them to me or davidm.
We can put them in.


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