[uClinux-dev] Adding new board support [& other questions]

Bruce Paterson bruce at tele-ip.com
Wed Nov 14 18:49:01 EST 2001

Tom Walsh wrote:
> No, do a 'make menuconfig', then select 'Target Platform' from the first
> menu, then select 'Default all settings', then exit out and save.  It
> will run and install your config.arch for the apps, and the config.linux
> for you .config file under the kernel directory.  After that, do a 'make
> dep' then a 'make' and you will have an image.bin in the images/ dir.

Damm, I wish I'd known that yesterday !  Still, I figured it out
Actually I only did the "make xconfig" in the higher level overall
the first time by mistake :-)  Lucky fluke I guess.

The Lineo vendor directory has a whole stack of other config directories
(eg. httpd, romfs.. ). Are they just put there as somewhere convenient,
or is it all
part of some other makefile process ?

Are there any leads somewhere of what versions of an application have
characteristics ? eg. boa Vs httpd Vs httpd-tiny Vs ... sash Vs ash Vs
bash Vs hash etc.
snmpd Vs cmu-snmpd and so on.

There isn't enough info in the make config descriptions to make any sort
of rational
decisions when confronted by all this the first time. Obviously there
are trade offs
to make dependent on your memory requirements Vs functionality.

It would certainly help if every module had a footprint size (rom & ram)
and an
indicator of functionality (maybe peg standard linux distribution
versions as 100%)
and what important stuff might be missing. Some of the descriptions are
better than
others. Some have none. It would actually be better if one person (who
didn't develop
any of the options) were to rate all the options in a class.
Of course I can suck it and see, but this would take a age, and I'm sure
have been down this path already.
(The full distributions suffer from this issue to a degree as well, but
often the packager
has made a lot of the decisions already.)

I started adding MK48T08 real time clock support to the clock module in
userland (cvs), but
after seeing the vendor-config also found rtc-ds1302 & rtc-m42t11
directories that use
/dev/rtc (?). The mk48t08 is parallel rather than serial, but at the end
of the day needs all
the same BCD<->BINARY conversions. I'm confused now !  How should I be
proceeding ?
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