[uClinux-dev] slow UART on MCF 5272?

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Wed Nov 14 13:09:27 EST 2001

"Magnusson, Johan" wrote:
> This results in my cellular phone (Ericsson t39) not getting my "message".
> speeds under 38400 works fine but higher speeds do not work. Ohh it works
> from my PC but not from my embedded system.
> I have tried a couple of arguments for the serial port set-up without any
> effect on the result. I also noticed someone pointing out a rounding problem
> (in mcfserial.c) in setting the speed registry bits (integer division to
> integer). I implemented the proposed solution, without any luck.
> what am I doing wrong here?? This have to be some silly initialization
> problem, but I am obviously not good enough to fix it!

Maybe what you need to do is to write a small user app that opens the
serial port, sends a couple of chars, then prompts you to "press any
key", then sends a few more chars, then "press any key", ...

You could connect your embedded system to the linux workstation's serial
port, run minicom to monitor the data stream..  Then, take the CTS input
to the embedded system and set that line active / inactive and see if
your hardware flow control is actually working.


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