[uClinux-dev] Some questions.

Kendrick G. Hamilton hamilton at SEDSystems.ca
Wed Nov 14 09:30:49 EST 2001

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Alex Golunov wrote:

> Diar sirs.
> I'm new with this mailing list, so i have some questions:
> 1. Where can I get an archive of this list.
> 2. Where can I find more information about uCLinux and programming for it

> May be somebody any knows problems with installing and using the uCLinux on
 Motorola 68360? I'm asking this, because I need to use this system in near
 future. So I wont to know much.

A few of us have been using uClinux on a 68360. You can download a copy of
uClinux off of M.Leslie's 68360 port page or you can get the version out
of CVS. The version on M. Leslie's page has a couple of glitches but has
support for 68EN360 ethernet. The copy in CVS includes the 68EN360
ethernet driver but it is not working. There are a few changes needed to
get it working. It has a few of the glitches fixed.
Both use SMC 2 as the default serial console. You will have to search for
the defined constant OSCILLATOR in arch/m68knommu/kernel/setup.c. Also, in
that file, M. Leslie assumed the system clock had the OSCILLATOR divided
by 128. If it is not, baudrate generator calculations get all messed up.
The CVS version of setup.c does not make that assumption. All of the UART
code is flakey. Sometimes, the SMCs hang on startup (they will or they
won't). The SMC used for the serial console is started and restarted
without being properly stopped. I have not got the SCCs working. On my
board, the modem control signals are used as general purpose I/O pins. It
looks like I will get time to rework most of these issues (except ethernet
support), it is only a matter of when.

> PS: Sorry for strange questions :)
> With best regards,
>                             Alex.

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