[uClinux-dev] arm uclinux toolchain - source code?

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Wed Nov 14 05:01:35 EST 2001

Fabrice Gautier schrieb:
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> > Subject: Re: [uClinux-dev] arm uclinux toolchain - source code?
> > gcc-2.95.3 made a much more stable impression, although
> > David's elf2flt
> > tools can't handle PIC code. Fully relocatable code with gcc-2.95.3
> > works fine.
> Do you mean, gcc-2.95.3 release from gnu website? Or with some patch?
The original source without patches will work fine.

> And fully relocatable code means what exactly?
> Binary Flat, no PIC, GOT? (and XIP)?

The code should be compiled with -Wl,elf2flt, so that the elf2flt tool
is used
instead of the normal linker. This will convert the elf object file into
format. The elf object file has relocations in the text, data and bss
this means it is not suitable for XIP(eXectute In Place). There's a
patch for
gcc-2.95.3 for PIC code, but as far as I know, that doesn't work with
the current
elf2flt tools. If you want to experiment, I have shamelessly stolen the
from Tonny Tzeng's website and included that in the gcc package on 
http://uclinux.home.at/midori/. (Thank's, Tonny!)
If you don't use the pic options, the compiler should behave in the same
as the unpatched one. You can use this compiler for both kernel and user
space apps.


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