[uClinux-dev] Adding new board support in latest snapshot

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Tue Nov 13 23:39:18 EST 2001

Adam Kropelin wrote:
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> > Adam Kropelin wrote:
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> > > CONFIG_DEFAULTS_XXX define. However, lower-level kernel configuration
> fails
> > > on account of not knowing the ARCH, PLATFORM, and BOARD definitions.
> >
> > ??  It is "broken"?!  What "fails"?  Please be more specific..
> I didn't say anything was "broken". I presume I just haven't tweaked the
> right file in the right way.
> Below is a sample session from "make config" at the top level. Top level
> config goes fine, but the automatically-run config at the kernel level
> fails, presumably because it doesn't know the definition of PLATFORM. (my
> clue is the "//" in the make error.)

No, do a 'make menuconfig', then select 'Target Platform' from the first
menu, then select 'Default all settings', then exit out and save.  It
will run and install your config.arch for the apps, and the config.linux
for you .config file under the kernel directory.  After that, do a 'make
dep' then a 'make' and you will have an image.bin in the images/ dir.

If you want to customize your kernel / applications selections: run
'make menuconfig' then select 'Target Platform' and check off either /
both of 'customize kernel' / 'customize vendor', then exit out and
save.  It will then run the secondary menus to allow these selections to
be customized.

Once you like the new settings and want to make it the default for your
platform: run 'make menuconfig', select 'Target Platform', choose
'update default vendor settings', exit out and save.  This time it will
overwrite your config.arch and config.linux files under your
vendor/$(VENDOR)/$(BOARD) dir..


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