[uClinux-dev] Adding new board support in latest snapshot

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Tue Nov 13 19:52:51 EST 2001

Jivin Adam Kropelin lays it down ...
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> > Adam Kropelin wrote:
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> > > CONFIG_DEFAULTS_XXX define. However, lower-level kernel configuration
> fails
> > > on account of not knowing the ARCH, PLATFORM, and BOARD definitions.
> >
> > ??  It is "broken"?!  What "fails"?  Please be more specific..
> I didn't say anything was "broken". I presume I just haven't tweaked the
> right file in the right way.
> Below is a sample session from "make config" at the top level. Top level
> config goes fine, but the automatically-run config at the kernel level
> fails, presumably because it doesn't know the definition of PLATFORM. (my
> clue is the "//" in the make error.)

The kernel itself still operates as it always has.  You need entries in
Boards.mk and so on.  What a number of platforms do is check if the value
has been defined (ie., CROSS_COMPILE),  if not,  default it to something
normal,  otherwise use the one from the environment (config.arch).

> cp: vendors/Netlink/ExpressLink/config.linux: No such file or directory

The above error from below says you do not have a default config.linux in
the vendors/VendorName/Product dir either.  As gerg suggested,  copy one
from somewhere else and then customise it.  Although if you don't mind
starting from scratch then it should still work fine ;-)


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