[uClinux-dev] Adding new board support in latest snapshot

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Tue Nov 13 16:44:50 EST 2001

Adam Kropelin wrote:
> CONFIG_DEFAULTS_XXX define. However, lower-level kernel configuration fails
> on account of not knowing the ARCH, PLATFORM, and BOARD definitions.

??  It is "broken"?!  What "fails"?  Please be more specific..

> How do CONFIG_DEFAULTS_XXX definitions at the top level get tied to ARCH,
> PLATFORM, and BOARD definitions in the 2.0.x tree? Or don't they? In the old
> system you just hard-coded your settings into the appropriate config.in and
> Board.mk files. I assume there must now be a way that choosing a vendor and
> board at the top level sets things up at lower levels. Can anyone shed some

Yes, the toplevel make file only orchestrates the configuring / building
process.  It is the vendors/Openhardware/EZ328LCD/config.linux file that
sets all the goodies into the linux/.config file..  Also,
vendors/Openhardware/EZ328LCD/config.arch sets all the apps into the


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