[uClinux-dev] Adding new board support in latest snapshot

Adam Kropelin Adam.Kropelin at netlinkaccess.com
Tue Nov 13 15:40:16 EST 2001


I just picked up the latest snapshot and am working on migrating my patches
for a custom board from pre7 to the new release. I'm having a bit of trouble
figuring out the new configuration mechanism.

I need to add a new vendor and board under an existing arch and platform
(m68knommu/68360). I have added a vendors/VendorName/BoardName directory as
a copy of a similar one. I've lightly customized the config.arch file by
making sure the ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE settings are correct and left the
auto-generated ones alone. I can do a top-level make config and chose my new
vendor/board combo and get a .config file which shows an appropriate
CONFIG_DEFAULTS_XXX define. However, lower-level kernel configuration fails
on account of not knowing the ARCH, PLATFORM, and BOARD definitions.

How do CONFIG_DEFAULTS_XXX definitions at the top level get tied to ARCH,
PLATFORM, and BOARD definitions in the 2.0.x tree? Or don't they? In the old
system you just hard-coded your settings into the appropriate config.in and
Board.mk files. I assume there must now be a way that choosing a vendor and
board at the top level sets things up at lower levels. Can anyone shed some
light on this for me?


Adam Kropelin
NetLink Transaction Services, LLC.
7670 Netlink Dr.
Victor, NY 14564
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