[uClinux-dev] why empty.o?

zhanglei zl at imail.com.cn
Tue Nov 13 04:10:44 EST 2001

Dear all:
I have found two interesting lines below in /opt/uClinux/linux/arch/m68knommu/platform/68EZ328/Rules.make.
flash.s19: linux.bin arch/$(ARCH)/empty.o
        $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -v -R .text -R .data -R .bss --add-section=.fs=linux.bin --adjust-se
ction-vma=.fs=$(FLASH_LOAD_ADDR) arch/$(ARCH)/empty.o flash.s19
romfs.s19: romfs.img arch/$(ARCH)/empty.o
        $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -v -R .text -R .data -R .bss --add-section=.fs=romfs.img --adjust-se
ction-vma=.fs=$(ROMFS_LOAD_ADDR) arch/$(ARCH)/empty.o romfs.s19
        $(CROSS_COMPILE)objcopy -O srec romfs.s19

Why I need the file empty.o?
There is nothing in /opt/uClinux/linux/arch/m68knommu/empty.c. It is a really empty file.
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