[uClinux-dev] Compiling and using xcopilot

Fabian fskivee at skynet.be
Mon Nov 12 05:06:36 EST 2001

	I try to compile xcopilot but I have a lot of error because the lib are not
in the right place. :
ERROR : m68k-pic-coff-ld: cannot open ../../uC-libc/libc.a: No such file or

	I use the source of xcopilot from

Is there a help file with the procedure to install xcopilot ? Where can I
find information about the installation of xcopilot ? Should I compile
uClinux before compile xcopilot ? Where must I place the uC-libc et uC-libm ?
Where can I find information about xcopilot in general ?


	Fabian Skivée


Skivée Fabian
[a] rue Petite Spinette 8, 4630 Soumagne, Belgium
[t] + 32 (0) 4 377 23 76
[g] + 32 (0) 498 62 47 03 (direct)
[e] fskivee at skynet.be
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