[uClinux-dev] [patch] ARM: -mdisable-got adapted for gcc-3.0.2

Tonny Tzeng tzengym at ms8.hinet.net
Sun Nov 11 21:05:09 EST 2001

A stable cross compiler for uClinux was really a nightmare to me!

Though the aplio's toolchain is based on the buggy gcc 2.96,
you had to use it in developing the userland applications,
because the FLAT userland programs need the -mdisable-got
option. After dig into the archive of uClinux mailing list, 
David McCullough has patched the elf2flt tool for ARM, and now
I use it with gcc 3.0.1 to develop uclinux apps very successful.

> So now which target should one uses for (cross) compiling 
> a) - uclinux kernel ?
> b) - uclinux apps ?

I use arm-elf-gcc 3.0.1 in compiling both uclinux kernel and apps.

> Does TARGET = arm-uclinux will do for both?

Yes. But, in some cases in compiling userland apps, you have to
disable -O2 or -Os optimization options to make the linker work.

> Currently i have xgcc with TARGET = arm-uclinux-elf, I also used a
> TARGET=arm-elf sometime. 

Why the need of separate compilers for kernel and apps?
I put the instructions of my gcc build below, you may have a look.

Best regards,

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