[uClinux-dev] Motorola M-Core port of ucLinux

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Sun Nov 11 20:13:30 EST 2001

Bruce Paterson wrote:
> Embedded products tend to have longer lifetimes than PC/desktop/consumer
> products.
> It seems incredible that a company with as much experience in this field
> as Motorola
> doesn't realise this.

Historically, 20+ years ago, Motorola was busy positioning itself into
the "high-end" markets.  Apple Computer was an interesting anomaly to
the product positioning that they were striving for:  High end computers
and disk servers.  Motorola has NEVER, EVER taken the embedded market
seriously, other than what Chrysler (etc.) have needed.  I think that
the popularity of the 68HC11 shocked the s**t out of them that they
stumbled into a market for that processor that just wouldn't die!

Motorola is a lot like Micro$soft:  neither one has a clue as to what
the embedded market is about.  Motorola just keeps stumbling along..



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