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Bruce Paterson bruce at tele-ip.com
Sun Nov 11 18:23:17 EST 2001

Thomas Andrews wrote:
> Bruce Paterson wrote:
> > Thomas Andrews wrote:
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>I've just joined the list so please forgive me if this question has been
> >>answered a thousand times.
> >>
> >>I'd like to know if using uClinux on a QUICC with 32MB of RAM and say 2MB of
> >>flash makes sense on a board that's used as a kind of a "gateway" device.
> >>The protocols I want to support would be SNMP v3, ftp (for upgrades) SSH if
> >>it makes sense, and perhaps RIP2/OSPF or maybe STP. Initially I would put
> >>two of these units together to make an ethernet bridge, but later maybe have
> >>some routing capability. (connected via some totally proprietary hardware)
> >>
> >
> > I've just been through this myself for a MC68360. Got it working only
> > yesterday !
> > I'm investigating uClinux as an alternative to the now defunct pSOS and
> > so far
> > what I've been able to achieve is very impressive.
> > I noticed in the userland cvs list there is routed, so that should cover
> > your
> > RIP/OSF requirements straight off. There is also an snmpd. I haven't
> > looked at it
> > yet but I doubt it would be v3 (probably based on CMU snmp v1, but I
> > could be wrong!!!).
> > There is also ftp, pppd and ssh, and flash burning stuff in there.
> >
> > There also seems to be some ipchains/ifpwadm support to help you do some
> > firewalling,
> > so I would say it's looking good.
> > The 2MB of Flash should be sufficient if you compress the image from RAM
> > (ie. Always
> > run in RAM). I do this on our current card using zlib (even before I
> > looked into
> > uClinux).
> >
> > If you mean an MPC860 QUICC or better then you're even better off since
> > you also
> > have an mmu.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Bruce
> Thanks Bruce,
> I am using the 68EN360 at the moment, so mo MMU. How long has it taken you
> so far by the way (roughly) ?

Yep mine is the EN as well.

About 2 man weeks. 

I had a few (silly errors) problems with the home-brew ICD cable I built
up, a few
hassles compiling GDB5.0, an error I made in the assignment of ethernet
port pins
(this is card specific and the MC68360 is not consistant in programming
with the pins
depending on whether you use the Port B or Port C instances of the same
Hey, even *I* stuff up sometimes -:)  I ripped off a lot of the initial
bit configurations from our existing startup code I wrote for the pSOS
doubt you are familier with the EN360 and how configurable it all is
(and how long 
it takes to figure out all the settings you need).
Also a bug I found in the OSCILLATOR calculations that put my serial
ports at an
impossible baud rate (I note Kendrik has fixed this in the CVS code

Troubles getting a development machine in the right place at the same
release as the server I'd been doing all the cross compilation on (I've
up using my own linux laptop just for now). Normal sort of hassles you
have with
any devel setup.

Quite a bit of time just working out *what* I had to change in the 1st
place and
learning stuff (such as how to generate a ROM filesystem).

My hardware had the console port on SMC1 rather than SMC2 and that had a
ramifications in odd places (in different parts of uart.c and in the
files in the romfs).

Once you get past the initial hurdles of hardware setup it then just
seems to
work. I NFS mounted the local Intranet website directory under /usr and
then demo-ed
it as a web server straight off :-)

Now I'm in the more involved process of writing/changing drivers to pick
up more
of our cards hardware (eg. The real time clock, serial EErom, IO, VME
bus all that
sort of guff). Haven't got far yet :-)  I'm also going to move over to
the CVS
code and the 2.4.x kernel so its less painful to move later.

If I come up with anything useful I'll feed it back to the CVS.

[.za ? Zambia ?]

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