[uClinux-dev] Motorola M-Core port of ucLinux

Tom Walsh tom at cyberiansoftware.com
Sat Nov 10 00:44:15 EST 2001

Christian Hack wrote:
> I have actually heard the opposite from our Moto reps. We
> have design a system around the MMC2001 and although
> the website is unchanged (no new parts), the data books are
> not updated (the MMC2001 ref manual is nearly 4 years old
> and is still "preliminary") they ensure us that they are not dropping
> the MCore line.

Maybe they have gotten some religion over the years?..

I designed a system board utilizing the XC68HC000 about 12 years ago, I
was "registered" with Motorola as doing a new design with the part. 
When I instructed our purchasing department to begin looking for
distributors for the part, the purchasing department came back with
Motorola's reply: 'so sorry, use the MC68HC001 instead'.  Guess what, it
was not a functional replacement for the 'HC000!  <argh!> Six months

I don't trust Motorola any further than what their largest customer(s)
are using for production!



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