[uClinux-dev] [patch] ARM: -mdisable-got adapted for gcc-3.0. 2

Fabrice Gautier Fabrice_Gautier at sdesigns.com
Fri Nov 9 14:39:37 EST 2001


So now which target should one uses for (cross) compiling 
a) - uclinux kernel ?
b) - uclinux apps ?

Does TARGET = arm-uclinux will do for both?
Currently i have xgcc with TARGET = arm-uclinux-elf, I also used a
TARGET=arm-elf sometime. 

What are now the main differences between those 3 TARGETs ?


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> gcc-3.0.2
> Heyho!
> [this is for information only. discussion of the patch shold 
> take place
> on gcc at gcc.gnu.org]
> I have rewritten Vladim Lebedev's patch (-mdisable-got) to 
> gcc-2.95.2 to
> work with gcc-3.0.2
> What it does:
>  - makes an arm-uclinux target and adds the -membedded-pic option
>  - all labels in the .text segment are addressed pc-relative 
> (especially
> long jumps).
>  - all labels in the .data segment are addressed relative to the
> pic-register.
> So there is no GOT. As this seems roughly similar to what 
> -membedded-pic
> does on MIPS, I have renamed the option. 
> Note that this is not very well tested; it works for my simple hello
> world. I will now test it some more (especially on the thumb 
> side), but
> I'll be happy to get comments from everybody. I've not hacked 
> gcc before
> and I've probably forgotten a zillion of obvious things.
> To create arm-uclinux binaries you'll probably have to patch binutils,
> too, and link with the armelf_uclinux target - the patch to
> binutlils-2.11.2 should go to binutils at sources.redhat.com 
> right after I
> sent this msg.
> The first hunk of the patch is against config.sub. I have submitted it
> to config-patches, and it has been approved; it's included 
> here since I
> work with 3.0.2 release.
> greets from Zürich
> -- vbi
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