[uClinux-dev] about external interrupts

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at acter.ch
Fri Nov 9 05:14:15 EST 2001

Tom Walsh wrote:
> 846cb5a5def91b3df2 wrote:

> >And if the driver is
> > necessary, what are the major and minor numbers of the device?
> I just do an 'ls -l /dev' to see what numbers are not used there, then
> assign a major device number to 'misc' and choose an unused minor
> number.  It is not magic, the Major/Minor of the /dev node needs to
> match that of the device driver so it can "hook" itself to a device that
> humans can write programs to talk to..

iirc there is Documentation/devices.txt in the kernel sources, there are
a few device numbers explicitly assigned for local/experimental use.
Probably you should pick a number from there first.

greets from Zürich
-- vbi
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