[uClinux-dev] some guidelines

Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Fri Nov 9 01:45:50 EST 2001

Bruce Paterson wrote:

> Thomas Andrews wrote:
>>I've just joined the list so please forgive me if this question has been
>>answered a thousand times.
>>I'd like to know if using uClinux on a QUICC with 32MB of RAM and say 2MB of
>>flash makes sense on a board that's used as a kind of a "gateway" device.
>>The protocols I want to support would be SNMP v3, ftp (for upgrades) SSH if
>>it makes sense, and perhaps RIP2/OSPF or maybe STP. Initially I would put
>>two of these units together to make an ethernet bridge, but later maybe have
>>some routing capability. (connected via some totally proprietary hardware)
> I've just been through this myself for a MC68360. Got it working only
> yesterday !
> I'm investigating uClinux as an alternative to the now defunct pSOS and
> so far
> what I've been able to achieve is very impressive. 
> I noticed in the userland cvs list there is routed, so that should cover
> your
> RIP/OSF requirements straight off. There is also an snmpd. I haven't
> looked at it
> yet but I doubt it would be v3 (probably based on CMU snmp v1, but I
> could be wrong!!!).
> There is also ftp, pppd and ssh, and flash burning stuff in there.
> There also seems to be some ipchains/ifpwadm support to help you do some
> firewalling,
> so I would say it's looking good.
> The 2MB of Flash should be sufficient if you compress the image from RAM
> (ie. Always
> run in RAM). I do this on our current card using zlib (even before I
> looked into
> uClinux).
> If you mean an MPC860 QUICC or better then you're even better off since
> you also
> have an mmu.
> Cheers,
> Bruce

Thanks Bruce,

I am using the 68EN360 at the moment, so mo MMU. How long has it taken you 
so far by the way (roughly) ?



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