[uClinux-dev] BDM help.

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Thu Nov 8 23:16:22 EST 2001

Hi Mike,

MQuicquaro at necinfrontia.com wrote:
> > Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
> > 0xffe0a87a in ?? ()
> > 1: x/i $pc  0xffe0a87a: movew #9984,%sr
> >
> > I get a trap although I know i don't have any trace/breakpoints set.
> Odd. Try single stepping (stepi) through a few instructions.
> Does it appear to be executing normally?
> I can step through the code no problem.  Its just a problem when I
> "continue".
> I do a "target bdm /dev/bdmcf0" while running dBUG on the M5272C3 eval.
> board.
> Funny thing is that I get the same results whether I boot my PC with Linux
> and run gdb, or whether I run under cygwin.  I'm not sure what that
> suggests.

That would seem to rule out a specific driver problem.

What sort of cable length do you have on the BDM pod?
Short is good with the higher speed clock of the 5272...


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