[uClinux-dev] about external interrupts

846cb5a5def91b3df2 zhongxin00 at mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Thu Nov 8 20:36:07 EST 2001

    I've sent the same letter to the list two days ago. I haven't seen my letter
be added into the list by now. So I chang the mailbox and send it again.If there
were two same letters from me, I would be very sorry.
    I am working with external interrupts on an EZ-based board. My device is
rather simple: one button connected to the IRQ2 pin of port D. It was designed to
work as following: when the button was pressed, the applications would know about
this event. I've managed to make the button work without uClinux(I added the
vector and wrote service routines with assemble language). But when I came to the
OS, it seemed that a device driver would be necessary. I've searched the maillist
for informations. It helped a lot.
    But I'm still puzzled about that whether my simple device is a character
device, or my device dose not need any drivers at all?. And if the driver is
necessary, what are the major and minor numbers of the device? 
    Any suggestions or hints will be appreciated, and samples are greatly
Best regards!

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