[uClinux-dev] About Ramdisk Problem

Jao Wei jao.wei at pinsia.com
Thu Nov 8 09:48:45 EST 2001

Hi all,

I'm new to uclinux mailing group. Recently I have a project about porting
uclinux into a arm7 compatible SOC. It seems smoothly that I process the
initialization before kernel running.
But when the kernel try to call the execve() to execute /sbin/init, a
strange thing happened. The kernel showed me "Kernel panic: No init found.
Try passing init= option to kernel."
After trying to trace the kernel, the tracing path is showed as following:
sys_execve() ->
I have checked the arguments of sys_execve(), and there seems no error. The
returned value of getname() is allways 0xfffffff4.
I found the getname() function doesn't work correctly. I'm sure I've check
the progress of creating the ramdisk, and it contains the file like
/sbin/init, /etc/init, /bin/init, and /bin/sh. Could anyone tell me what it
Your comment will be appreciated.

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