[uClinux-dev] 5272, bootloader, and "Calibrating Delay Loops.."

Ian Leonard ileonard at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 8 08:42:09 EST 2001

On 2001.11.07 01:14 radwin wrote:
> Hi!
[ snip]
> I guess he wanted to have colilo in the other half of the flash and not
> overwrite dbug. In this case, he could use dbug's upuser command to flash
> colilo. You're right, he needs to modify the ld script of colilo to
> specify where he wants it to be located, lets say 0xffe80000(the other
> half of the flash). Then download colilo(dn -i colilo.bin offset) at
> 0x80000(offset). Issuing the upuser command will then flash colilo at
> 0xffe80000. Setting the jumper JP17 will result in an option between
> booting colilo or dbug. Remeber to check first if colilo is correctly
> downloaded at 0x80000.

Warning! Travis should prepare himself, mentally and physically, before
reading any further.

This is correct. The bit that confused me was how to download kernel
image and colilo at the same time. As my 9 year old son could have
told me, you download the kernel, move it to the correct address,
the download colilo and then use UPUSER to save the lot.

The reason I know this is because I was sent a loader by Jorge Domingo
who had already modified colilo for the board.

I think the two versions should be merged so both methods of booting
are available.

This raises the question of which method is best.

I don't want to overwrite dbug because I want an easy way to program
the board in manufacturing and also for programming in the field. Using
the network download does this.

However the M5272C manual is confusing. On one page it says that dBUG
is in onboard rom. On the next page it's saying it's in the first page of 
external flash chip (U8).

Either way you have 7 pages of 256K available. If you use JP13 to boot
into the user flash, it boots to the fourth page, slap in the middle. I 
to run a JFFS, so unless you can set it up so it works around the kernel
a lot of space is going to be wasted.

Am I missing something?

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