[uClinux-dev] arm uclinux toolchain - source code?

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Thu Nov 8 04:53:33 EST 2001

"Thuys, Michiel" schrieb:
> Hi Adrian,
> We have worked here for some time with the Aplio toolchain for
> development on our ARM9 boards with the -disable-got option. To be
> honest, it gave us headaches because of all kinds of compilation
> problems (variables that were not initialized properly). We decided to
> try and switch off the disable-got option to see how that worked. It
> turned out to cost only a little extra memory due to the GOT, but solved
> all our compiler related problems. Therefore, I would suggest you first
> consider what you need the PIC without GOT option for, before you start
> implementing it (unless of course you are a GCC expert ;).
The flat conversion tool from the Aplio toolchain had problems with
relocation of variables initialized with pointers, among other problems.
The elft2flt-0.8 package was able to produce the correct flat binary
together with -disable-got. There were still some nasty compiler bugs.
gcc-2.95.3 made a much more stable impression, although David's elf2flt
tools can't handle PIC code. Fully relocatable code with gcc-2.95.3
works fine.


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