[uClinux-dev] some guidelines

Thomas Andrews tandrews at mindspring.co.za
Thu Nov 8 02:17:02 EST 2001


I've just joined the list so please forgive me if this question has been 
answered a thousand times.

I'd like to know if using uClinux on a QUICC with 32MB of RAM and say 2MB of 
flash makes sense on a board that's used as a kind of a "gateway" device. 
The protocols I want to support would be SNMP v3, ftp (for upgrades) SSH if 
it makes sense, and perhaps RIP2/OSPF or maybe STP. Initially I would put 
two of these units together to make an ethernet bridge, but later maybe have 
some routing capability. (connected via some totally proprietary hardware)

I'm sure this brief description is too broad and vague, but what I'm really 
trying to find out is what the problems are in developing such an 
application. I've chosen linux because the device is likely to be 
unprotected by firewalls, so I want something I know and trust.

I'm about to build uClinux for the existing hardware we have, just to get a 
feel for things, but I have no idea where I'm likely to get stuck in the 
future. What are the main difficulties and limitations I will encounter ?


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