[uClinux-dev] About Midori uClinux for ARM (was: which version of GCC is good for arm-uclinux porting ?)

Erwin Authried eauth at softsys.co.at
Wed Nov 7 15:56:43 EST 2001

Fabrice Gautier schrieb:
> Hi,
> Two question about that:
>  * What's the difference between Midori distribution (on transmeta website)
> on the uclinux Midori on uclinux.home.at ?
> It seems to me it's just a few apps packages such as binutils, gcc, uclinux,
> elf2flt ... Anything else?

Transmeta's distribution is tailored for Embedded devices that run
"full" Linux (with MMU). The packages on http://uclinux.home.at/midori/
are based on Transmeta's distribution, but the packages are tailored for
uClinux. Instead of glibc, uClibc from cvs.uclinux.org is used, and the
tools to build flat binaries are included. Some applications do not
require modificatons. For example, the busybox package is taken 1:1 from
the Transmeta distribution. The nice thing on Midori is the web based
configurator that let's you choose the packages with your web browser.
Everything in the distribution is available as a package from somewhere
else, it's just a selection of tools/applications together with some
patches and the Midori build system, so that a complete development
system can be installed by typing "make", up to a flashable romdisk
image for your board. Until now, the complete romdisk is set up, but the
image must be made seperately by genromfs. It's only a small step to do
that too, just not enough time yet...

>  * Those packages are listed as .mlz packages. However when I doanload them
> my browser persist in downloading a .gz file. Is there something wring in
> the server or is my browser broken?
The content type is set to application/x-gzip. I had no problems to
download it with Netscape.  If there are problems with other browsers, I
can change it to something different. Just let me the content type that
will work better...


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