[uClinux-dev] pppd and chat

guo xiaodong gxd at csc.neu.edu.cn
Sat Nov 10 00:54:21 EST 2001

Hello Merry,

1. The patch. I think you should review the email Mr. Ilguiz send to me. You could find the "ldwrapper.patch" in the attachment.

2. Makefile. I suggest you'd better read the README file of PPP pakage carefully and then you will find that it is not necessary to revising the Makefile.linux.

Now, I have manage to run pppd with chat successfully, and the ppp could support such commands as ping and ftp without problem. Frankly speaking, ppp is not as difficult as it was imaged. It does not need any revision of source code at all. The ppp package from www.uclinux.org has do all this perfectly. The work left to us is to choose the appropriate parameters for the execution of pppd. 

Thank Ilguiz for his warmhearted help again, and I am glad to share my experience with you.


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