[uClinux-dev] BDM help.

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Tue Nov 6 19:13:49 EST 2001

Hi Mike,

MQuicquaro at necinfrontia.com wrote:
> Greg,
> Thanks so much.  Whatever you get paid.....you should get paid more. :-)

Yeah, I keep telling the boss that... he doesn't listen :-)

> I have a few more questions for the list about gdb/bdm debugging....in
> particular with
> the Motorola coldfire eval board.
> It seems I can connect to the processor via the BDM.  I am using the
> 5272.gdb file.
> One peculiar thing.  It looks like the whole script file gets executed
> except the last line
> which is "display/i $pc"  so I do it manually.

>From gdb "help display":

  Print value of expression EXP each time the program stops.
  /FMT may be used before EXP as in the "print" command.
  /FMT "i" or "s" or including a size-letter is allowed,
  as in the "x" command, and then EXP is used to get the address to
  and examining is done as in the "x" command.

display is only supposed to print something when you stop
extecution in someway (breakpoint, CTRL-C, stepi, etc).

>  Coldfire debug module version is 0 (5206(e))
> (gdb) display/i $pc
> 2: x/i $pc  0xffe0a2be: btst #0,%a0@
> Well, it looks ok so far.  Then I try to continue and...
> (gdb) c
> Continuing.
> Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
> 0xffe0a87a in ?? ()
> 1: x/i $pc  0xffe0a87a: movew #9984,%sr
> I get a trap although I know i don't have any trace/breakpoints set.

Odd. Try single stepping (stepi) through a few instructions.
Does it appear to be executing normally?


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