[uClinux-dev] Building on Cygwin

Banasik, Paul M PaulMBanasik at eaton.com
Tue Nov 6 08:22:49 EST 2001

ypxin -

I'm going to send you a .zip file full of fixes that are specific to
uClinux-coldfire-20010529, m68k-elf-tools-20010716, cygwin-1.3.2, and
xfree86-4.1.0.  Included in these fixes is a genromfs and elf2flt that will
build properly.  Note that these fixes are relevant for Cygwin only; they
have no meaning for a regular Linux box.  I won't send these to the whole
group so that I don't plug up the mail server, but if anybody else wants
these please let me know.

Paul B.

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      A problem puzzled me,when I compiled the uclinux
in Cygwin,and at last there is a tool:genromfs,use it
to create the img file.but I can't find it in
cygwin,so I got code from linux ,and Make it.
      You know,the cygwin can't provide a complete
libc,so the genromfs.c can't be compiled.Because there
is a function "fnmatch" that isn't linked.Whether I
need to create myself function to do it? but I read
the GNU libc,I found there isn't complete code too.In
the file "fnmatch.c",function "fnmatch" includes a new
function "internal_fnmatch" that can't be found where
it is defined.
      Above all, I want to know how to get the
genromfs in cygwin.
       Best Regards

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