[uClinux-dev] 5272, bootloader, and "Calibrating Delay Loops.."

Travis Griggs tgriggs at keyww.com
Mon Nov 5 18:11:59 EST 2001

I am thrilled to say that we got this working! Thank you, thank you, 
thank you to those who provided the helpful hints a couple of days ago. 
Especially Greg Ungerer. What you write the registers (long vs short vs 
char) as can make a big difference. :)

I've attached the working version. We're a bit unclear to as to where to 
go with it from here. We don't have an ftp site of our own readily 
available. But we figured others might find it useful. We've added a 
README.5272 to the directory which documents what we added and some of 
our findings.

Travis Griggs
Member: 3rd Boolean State Software Collective
Key Technology
"It had better be a pretty good meeting to be better than no meeting at 
all"-- Boyd K. Packer
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