David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Sun Nov 4 17:22:15 EST 2001

Jivin Mark Barton lays it down ...
> David,
> Ahh, now I see. What about the uClibc from CVS? There is an old uClibc
> directory which seems to be close to what is in the 20010622 distribution

The 20010622 libc and the uClibc-old have the same foundations,  it's just
the we have continued to fix and extend the 20010622 version.  You will be
much better served by it ;-)

> and uClibc that has undergone some rather extensive changes. Can I checkout
> the new version as a direct replacement for the lib subdirectory, or is
> there more surgery required for this?

You can,  but I suggest you just go with the 20010622 version.  We release
products based on this version,  so you can be sure it is maintained.

If you are really serious on changing everything,  the 20010622 build
already has some support for the uClibc from CVS.  If there is a uClibc
directory in the root dir of the 20010622,  the 'make config' allows you to
select 'uClibc' or 'uC-libc' as your 'C' library.  This support was still
fairly simple in the 20010622 release,  but I think some targets (ie, xcopilot)
may even have a uClibc config in the tree.  I know you will have some
problems if you try this,  there were still some uClibc integration issues
in the 20010622 version,


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