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codepoet.org, that sounds like someone I need to talk to.

Ok, I have tinylogin compiled and flashed to my SnapGear uclinux box.  But
when I telnet to the box it prompts me for the telnet password, that is set
in the telnetd?

My status,
     I have created, /etc/passwd /etc/group and a home directory in
     I can su twebster and use my twebster password, but not the root one,
what is the default root password
     SSH keeps reporting that I am not a user, I believe this

     1.  Do you know what the default password is in the
/etc/default/passwd file?  I can't su to root, the password was set before
I downloaded the source.
     2.  How do I make TinyLogin the default login for this box?  I want to
telnet or ssh to the box and use /etc/passwd as my passwd file not
     3.  I am trying to make SSH work with Tinylogin but I keep getting an
auth_set_user: illegal user error message, how do I configure TinyLogin to
work with SSH
     4.  Can TinyLogin run a shell script at login?  This script will start

Tony Webster

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On Fri Nov 02, 2001 at 07:17:08AM -0700, twebster at daksoft.com wrote:
> Are there any HOWTO documents on the use of tinylogin
> with uClinux?  I have several SnapGear Pro units that
> I wish to use TinyLogin with.  I have compiled
> TinyLogin and have it in the /bin directory but I am
> not sure how to implement login and passwords.  What I
> really need to do, is after login, have a shell script
> run automatically?
> questions
>     1. how do I implement tiny login
>     2. is there a way to use tiny login to run a
> script, similiar to the /etc/passwd file, instead of
> /bin/bash I use /usr/local/bin/my_script.sh
>     3. Is there a better way to run a script during
> login in uClinux

You should be able to use the latest version from CVS.
It should work just fine.  It does not use fork or any
such problem functions, so you really shouldn't have any


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