[uClinux-dev] 5272, bootloader, and "Calibrating Delay Loops.."

Travis Griggs tgriggs at keyww.com
Fri Nov 2 15:08:47 EST 2001

Ian Leonard wrote:

> On 2001.11.02 00:22 Travis Griggs wrote:
>> As soon, as we get this working we'd love to publish this version of 
>> colilo. If there's someone who's working on this (getting uClinux to 
>> run on the 5272) and wants to play with it, then let me know. I'd love 
>> to have someone with more experience figure this out. :)
> Great! I have a Motorola Eval board - M5272C3 and would love to try it out.
> Please send it - working or not.

OK, it's attached. I tarred it up in a state where colilo will boot, but 
the interrupts (or whatever) are not setup right, because when you boot 
uClinux, it won't calibrate delay loops because jiffies never increment. 
I've put a bunch of code in main.c based on the last couple days of 
discussion. But much if its #if'ed out. I was just beginning the process 
of slowly adding bit by bit to see what part its upset with. Any other 
help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

Travis Griggs
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