[uClinux-dev] JFFS and FATAL FLASH ERROR

Joel Smith jsmith-uclinux at jk1.net
Fri Nov 2 12:39:15 EST 2001

Hello uClinuxers,
I'm trying to get JFFS working on 2.0.38 custom NetSilicon NET+ARM board that
has two AM29DL323DB (4 MB each) Flash chips on it.  We're just using the flash.c
driver to talk to the flash.  Before I started changing stuff, there were three

flb0  131072 bytes (0x020000)
flb1  917504 bytes (0x0E0000)
flb2 7340032 bytes (0x700000)

The kernel+gzip ramdisk image got split up into three parts, the first two using
most or all of their partitions, and the third using less than a meg.

So I split flb2 into two partitions to make the new fourth into a jffs partition.

flb0  131072 bytes (0x020000)
flb1  917504 bytes (0x0E0000)
flb2  983040 bytes (0x0F0000)
flb3 6356992 bytes (0x610000)

After booting, mknod'ing, jffs_erase_flash'ing and mounting it, I can stow some
small files and reboot, and remount it, and they're there.  If I do a big file,
or occasionally when I do a small file, it only does part of the file and gives
me a message like:
FATAL FLASH ERROR (1) @ 0x1020030c
After that I have to reboot in order to delete the file.

Any ideas what's wrong?  Does it matter that the JFFS partition spans two chips?
Joel Smith
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