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Ahh, now I see. What about the uClibc from CVS? There is an old uClibc
directory which seems to be close to what is in the 20010622 distribution
and uClibc that has undergone some rather extensive changes. Can I checkout
the new version as a direct replacement for the lib subdirectory, or is
there more surgery required for this?

Sorry about the empty subject line.

Thanks for the help. 

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Jivin Mark Barton lays it down ...
> O.K., I was really getting into the uClinux thing and thought I understood
> the basics, but now I'm not so sure. I'm using the 20010529 distribution
> I'm quickly migrating to the 20010622 distribution. I want to get the
> and greatest from the CVS repository (cvs.uclinux.org), but I am confused
> how to actually go about getting the changes. I have been able to login
> check out the kernel and userland directories using the Anonymous CVS
> directions from cvs.uclinux.org. Now do I do an update by issuing	"cvs
> -x3 -d:pserver:anonymous:uclinux.org... update -d -P" from the
> uClinux-distribution directory or is there something else I have to do?

You can't update the uClinux-distribution from CVS because it doesn't
contain any CVS control files.  The best you can do is checkout a copy
of the kernel from CVS and then replace the one in the uClinux-distribution
with the freshly checked out version.

So to put the latest uClinux-2.4.10 kernel into the 20010622 release:

	mv linux-2.4.x linux-2.4.old
	cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous:uclinux.org co -d linux-2.4.x

Be careful with the userland apps,  they may not slot into the
uClinux-distribution tree as is,  I would suggest that you stick with the
libs/apps in the 20010622 distro as is.


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