AW: [uClinux-dev] problems with pppd an chat

Jürgen Müller juergen.mueller at
Fri Nov 2 07:13:00 EST 2001

OK, that was my fault. Now pppd is working.

But establishing a connection with pppd and chat fails
EXIT_CONNECTION_FAULT. It seems that there is no communication with the

Has anyone established a ppp connection with pppd and chat, uCdimm and the

Thanks for help.



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Jürgen Müller wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some problems with pppd an chat, maybe it is only one.
> My Target-System is Lineo uCdimm with MC68VZ328. The version of uClinux is
> 2.4.10-uc1. pppd version is 2.3.8.
> I call the program with the following command line:  pppd lock 38400
> modem crtscts defaultroute 'chat -v "" ATZ OK ATX1 OK ATDT00101901929
> CONNECT' name ... password ... noipdefault.
> On my Desktop-System it works fine without problems.
> The modem shows no reaction. Instead I get the following error message:
> BINFMT_FLAT: bad magic/rev (0x206C6F63, need 0x4)

Somewhere, someplace, somehow...  You are attempting to load a file via
the bin_flat loader and that file contents are not in the BINFLT
format.  Unbelievable that this may be, it is true.  This error message
is being generated in linux-2.4.x/fs/binfmt_flat.c, in function
load_flat_binary() (somewhere near line 421, just search for

This is either caused by a faulty binary format (compiler + linker not
generating the appropriate binary), or, you have a corrupted romfs image
loaded (perhaps you did not unfold it correctly?).

Those are the only two things, that I am aware of, that can produce that
error message.  Maybe try adding -v to your CFLAGS and see what it is
passing to the ld linker?



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