[uClinux-dev] Still: kernel and thumb code

Adrian von Bidder avbidder at acter.ch
Fri Nov 2 03:59:34 EST 2001


My thumb-kernel project is suspended right now, I'm trying to get
userspace thumb with gcc-3 right now. However, I'll probably come back
to thumb and kernel at some point in the future.

Thierry Durand wrote:
> Instead of porting each and every bit using arm-only into similar thumb
> code I have created a new swi code (not used by the syscalls) to emulate
> arm instructions in an exception routine.

Sounds interesting. I thought about writing wrappers around the specific
parts to switch to thumb and back. This is only 4 instructions, but I'm
not too sure about it really working.

> I have not tried interworking. My conception is that you are almost
> always in one of the two following situations:

I thought I'd use interworking so I could leave the heavily
assembler-invaded parts of the code in arm and slowly move to thumb on a
file per file base. But I'm not too sure if that's easier than just
doing it all at once.

greets from zürich
-- vbi
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