[uClinux-dev] 5272, bootloader, and "Calibrating Delay Loops.."

Greg Ungerer gerg at snapgear.com
Thu Nov 1 20:57:20 EST 2001

Hi Travis,

Travis Griggs wrote:
> We have (finally) been successful in creating a port of colilo for the
> 5272C3 board. And it appears we're getting close. This has been a real
> uphill struggle for us. After telling it to (b)oot, it indicates that it
> is uncompressing the kernel, and then we see it start to boot uClinux.
> It gets as far as "Calibrating Delay Loops..". We put some printk lines
> in and it appears that jiffies is never incrementing. from what (very
> little) I understand about jiffies, thats not a good thing. When we ran
> it on top of dBug, it booted fine. So... I'm hoping there's someone out
> there that can give me information on what state I've got to put the
> chip in for uClinux to be booted. Because it looks like I'm missing
> something. :(

This is almost certainly an interrupt problem. The first thing
I would check is what you have the PIVR register to. uClinux
expects it to be set to 0x40. (It does not power on reset to
this value, and dBUG sets it to 0x40). This setting bases the
interrtupts at 64 on up.


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